Support Us

Performng arts organizations do not generate much revenue, so every donation is significant. But even more important is that each donation shows that the community supports the organization. So, no matter how small the donation amount, just the fact the you make a donation is important.

Here is how you can donate:

To use a credit card without a PayPal account click on that link and look at the bottom left side of the page where the credit card images appear.

You can also show your support by purchasing our first CD.


  • Buy sheet music rights for one new song
  • Buy GTC shirts for 2-4 new members
  • Send a high school quartet to Harmony Explosion camp


  • Buy a tuxedo for a new member


  • Buy a riser back rail
  • Buy a riser 4th row


  • Buy a new riser section
  • Send a music teacher to a cappella training school


  • Buy a new sound system


  • Underwrite our annual show
  • Provide an acoustic shell for the chorus